President’s Message

We had a fine January outing for those that attended. While it was cold, the fresh powder snow made the Old Log Complex look like a winter wonder land. The play was quite different, and I’m sure it had mixed reviews from our attendees.It was a lot of fun for me to go with my granddaughter Ana. Ana was the student director of two high school plays at Henry Sibley High School.She had this to say about the play, “they did everything wrong”.

I’m sure many of you are acquainted with the classic car insurer Hagerty Ins. Co. They insure two million cars worldwide in a specialty market. You do not see them in every other add, with the craziest adds on television. This industry spends an unbelievable amount of all advertising how much money there is to be saved by using them.I have used Hagerty for insurance on my Thunderbird for many years and have always felt their premium was quite reasonable. Last December they became a public company, and their stock now trades on the exchange.

Has been as high as $19/share but now trades for about $15. Might be a good idea to pick up a few shares, not a lot of financial info out on them. Hopefully it will be a good investment. (I bought 100 shares) Like most of you, we were all pretty good back yard mechanics in our day, many jobs were difficult but doable. Of course, we didn’t have the internet to kind of show us how to make the repair. After seeing my son changing the radiator, spark plugs, individual coil for each cylinder and some sensors on his 2010 Ford Expedition we can be happy we are not doing much repair work on newer cars.

They sure have gotten complicated, like he says most of the complication comes from the emission systems. Maybe there is a case to be made for the electric vehicle. DUES It’s that time of the year again. Hopefully everyone will continue their membership in this great club. If you haven’t gotten a check off to Doug, please bring a check or cash to the next meeting. Of course, you can always mail it in.

Absolutely no crypto currency will be accepted as Doug does not understand it. Should you understand what it is all about, we can schedule you as a speaker for one of the meetings. As I have said before I would like to have speakers giving a 30-minute presentation at our meetings.

Should you have a topic or know of someone that would like to present one to us at one of our meetings please let me know. The speaker that is lined up for the February meeting will be talking about precious gemstones. It’s very interesting and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

See you there and be safe!

– Ron Moey

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